When is the best time to workout? short answer

First answer I would give to the question "When is the best time to workout?" is
"When you will adhere to a program".

There are other variables that play into this, I know because I have tried them all.  First let us consider the type of exercise.

Running:  Best early morning in the summer, preferably not after a heavy meal.  In the winter depending on where you live, the afternoon/evening can be better.

Cycling:  I have eaten a regular sized meal and been able to cycle within an hour of it.  Any time of day for this one if it is inside...I guess the same thing could be said about running.

Weight lifting, or resistance training.  This one should be done when you are well rested and after a dynamic warm up. 

Now, let us talk about time of day and calorie burn.

Over all, the morning is the best time to work out because it sets the tone for the rest of your day.  You will have more energy from your workout and be motivated to move more.  You may also consider how har…

protecting progress

Over the years I have lost and regained sight of what it takes to adequately maintain my weight through food.

Recently I was on a camping trip with my friend who has slimmed down over 4 dress sizes.  As I watch her habits around food, and hear the things she says they ring very loud to me.  I am swiftly reminded of how much dedication, perseverance, mindfulness, and absolute strictness it takes to see progress.

She makes decisions that I have been falling off of making for a while now such as,
Choosing 1/2 an avocado and a small serving of mac and cheese (this is very much a treat) instead of a full on sandwich with all the fixings, chips and a soda pop.  In fact I don't think she drank a soda the entire trip.  You know why?  Because she doesn't drink soda any more, AND she was saving her treat for a milkshake later.

She would eat smaller portions that would satisfy her and then snack on fruit if she was hungry between lunch and dinner.  She was getting plenty of exercise…

Cleaning the house is not a waste of time and other ways to get stuff done

As I am driving up to my house I hear the people on the radio gladly announce "Yay!!  It's Friday!" 
As happy as I am it's Friday I look on to my house and I think to myself...I have the day off work, but now I have to waste time cleaning my house.  But what if I didn't think of it as a waste of time and how much better I feel when it's done?

What if I were more mindful in the moment and said to myself "Jolene, this is right where you need to be, THIS is what you SHOULD be doing right now."?  Because if I were honest with myself I would probably be logging onto my phone for something quick and then get sucked into the time waste of Social Media.  Mostly I just think about how I would rather be working out or doing some sort of craft project. 

What do you prioritize in your life?  Is it work? Family time? Cleaning your house? Getting exercise?

Take those feelings and put them into the thing you know you should be prioritizing and remind yourself in…