protecting progress

  Over the years I have lost and regained sight of what it takes to adequately maintain my weight through food.

Recently I was on a camping trip with my friend who has slimmed down over 4 dress sizes.  As I watch her habits around food, and hear the things she says they ring very loud to me.  I am swiftly reminded of how much dedication, perseverance, mindfulness, and absolute strictness it takes to see progress.

She makes decisions that I have been falling off of making for a while now such as,
Choosing 1/2 an avocado and a small serving of mac and cheese (this is very much a treat) instead of a full on sandwich with all the fixings, chips and a soda pop.  In fact I don't think she drank a soda the entire trip.  You know why?  Because she doesn't drink soda any more, AND she was saving her treat for a milkshake later.

She would eat smaller portions that would satisfy her and then snack on fruit if she was hungry between lunch and dinner.  She was getting plenty of exercise during the day on top of her morning jog on a couple of the days.  

Her breakfast used to be bacon, eggs, and/or pancakes.  She LOVED this kind of breakfast, but she knew that in order to slim down she had to limit some of her loves (I had to learn that too).  We all know this...but finding the balance to apply it is where the trick lies. She was always on top of it, always thinking, planning (prepping) her next move and never settling.  If the food was something she could give or take, she would just let it go and eat later or eat something different.  She did learn one lesson that sticks out in my mind.  One of the days we went to our favorite lunch place we like to call the Snack Shack.  Most stuff there is fried, and my friend would always love to get the works there.  This time she got the works, but wasn't into fact before she even ordered her food, she knew she wasn't into it.  This lesson is valuable because instead of thinking she failed, she instead made her "no" muscle stronger, because she will remember that waste of money and calories.  She did some things to shave some calories off, which makes a difference and is a huge help as well!

I hope this post will encourage you to seek out help where you need it, and to watch what choices your healthy friends are making!  Until next time, keep filling up on fruit, veggies, and lots of water!

Be vigilant, be specific, and ALWAYS protect your progress. 


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