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protecting progress

Over the years I have lost and regained sight of what it takes to adequately maintain my weight through food.

Recently I was on a camping trip with my friend who has slimmed down over 4 dress sizes.  As I watch her habits around food, and hear the things she says they ring very loud to me.  I am swiftly reminded of how much dedication, perseverance, mindfulness, and absolute strictness it takes to see progress.

She makes decisions that I have been falling off of making for a while now such as,
Choosing 1/2 an avocado and a small serving of mac and cheese (this is very much a treat) instead of a full on sandwich with all the fixings, chips and a soda pop.  In fact I don't think she drank a soda the entire trip.  You know why?  Because she doesn't drink soda any more, AND she was saving her treat for a milkshake later.

She would eat smaller portions that would satisfy her and then snack on fruit if she was hungry between lunch and dinner.  She was getting plenty of exercise…